Gold Green Real Estate regards talents as roots of a big tree. The deeper the foundation is, the more nutrition will be offered and the thicker the trunk is, the more luxuriant the leaves will be. Hence, the enterprise is able to develop prosperously and permanently.

Talent concept:select talents, skillfully use talents, and properly treat talents.

Talent selection standard:Be morality-oriented; use the talented only; prioritize excellent talents who are responsible for their own future and the enterprise's destiny.

Talent use policy:Train talents with undertaking, gather talents with culture, cultivate talents with environment and inspire talents with remuneration.

Gold Green Real Estate sincerely welcomes talented young people with ideals. On this extensive development platform full of dreams and passion, they are expected to remain down-to-earth and unremitting, blend personal goals into corporate goals, identify themselves with the Company, fulfill ordinary work and accomplish individual excellence, thus depicting a wonderful blueprint of green life jointly with the Company.