FUJIAN Gold Green Real estate DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD.

With national real estate development Class B qualification, Gold Green Real Estate is a developer committed to developing green commercial and residential properties. In keeping with the core concept of"Gold quality and green life",the Company explores warm ecological dwelling spaces for people.Currently,more than ten projects are under planning or construction across the country. Upon years of development, the Company has been accredited one of the Top 100 Green Real Estate Enterprises in China.       

In the future, Gold Green Real Estate will, building upon green real estate development, upgrade and transform into an ecological industry linkage operator, introduce the mode of "multi-industry linkage and sustainable development" into project development, grow towards a multi-dimensional and comprehensive real estate developer integrating green real estate, ecological industry city operation, cultural tourism industry operation and metropolitan leisure ecological industry operation. It aspires to become a pioneer and leader during the transformation of China's real estate commercial mode, and to become a navigator of China's ecological industry linkage operation.

Golden green home, is committed to become the Chinese real estate business model transformation of explorer and leader, become the leader of China eco industrial linkage operation.