Interpretation of enterprise name:"Gold" is the head of the five elements. Meaning energy, harvest, dignity, quality and commitment, it embodies solid base and prosperous business, and represents Gold Green's perseverance in and pursuit of honoring quality commitment and building ecological residence."Green" is the color of life. Meaning ecology, health, peace, prosperity and hope, it embodies innovative aspiration and development path, and represents Gold Green's faith and dream of insisting on green development and focusing in the ecological industry. Gold and green indicate foundation and development, result and process. Reflecting Gold Green Real Estate's creative spirit of "Gold quality and green life", it embodies Gold Green Real Estate's extraordinary mission of, in the spirit of transcending itself and crossing the era, transforming and upgrading from an ecological residence developer and builder to an ecological industry linkage operator beyond the real estate industry so as to steadfastly create green life platforms.

Brand mission:Develop fully green life platforms, lead fashionable and healthy lifestyles, and strive for realizing wonderful life dreams of mankind.

Brand vision:To become a world-renowned ecological industry linkage operator and a leader of China's ecological industry linkage operation.