Video introduction
  • Gold Green European City is located at the center of Zhangpu’s eastward new urban area. Following the planning concept of “top ten pioneers” and with an investment of RMB 30 million Yuan, Zhangpu Live Marketing Experience Center is developed. Moreover, 30,000 square meters of European style court artistic garden, international bilingual kindergarten, continental style business streets, sunshine swimming pool, tennis court and other high-end supporting facilities are equipped, making it a chief high-quality dwelling community and a benchmarking habitation in Zhangpu.

    Byvirtue of the development concept of green real estate, the project aims todevelop the foremost low-density gardenlike real estate with unique 1.8 plotratio in Zhangpu, thus providing owners with an ecological green dwelling spacewith more green space, wider building distance, more sunshine and fresh air.

  • Gold Green Central City is located at the center of Baicheng New District. Created by world-class design teams with the introduced “eco-city” planning and design concept, the project integrates high-end residences, star hotels, upscale offices, distinctive apartments and business streets, and will emerge as an international-level eco-complex and an ecological central commercial and living district of Baicheng City.