Cultural creativity and tourism industry LINKAGE OPERATION

Aiming at exploring the strong development potential in the cultural creativity industry, Gold Green Real Estate thoroughly combines tour, vacation and cultural creativity, cultivates tourism characteristic culture as its core connotation, integrates and links tour, sightseeing, health maintenance, vacation, creativity and maker industries, and establishes a cultural creativity industry linkage platform integrating tour, sightseeing, cultural creativity experience, health maintenance, vacation and maker space. It has expanded the extension and connotation of tourism industry and greatly improved the operation efficiency of tourism industry projects.

Representative Projects:Mount Wuyi Tea Culture Tourism Complex

Project Profile: 

Mount Wuyi Tea Culture Tourism Complex is located at the center of Mount Wuyi Scenic Spot, Dawangfeng South Road. Guarding the main entrance to Mount Wuyi Scenic Spot at a distance of about 200 meters and directly facing Dawangfeng, it is the only way to be passed by travelers. With a total floor area of about 35,000 square meters and a total building area of approximately 68,000 square meters, it features excellent environment and convenient transportation. It is close to Shenyang-Haikou Expressway and the High-speed Rail Station, and is about 6 kilometers and 10 kilometers away from Mount Wuyi Airport and Mount Wuyi downtown respectively. It boasts unique regional advantages and resources advantages.

Project Highlights:

To be invested and developed by Gold Green Real Estate and operated and managed by a professional agency, Mount Wuyi Tea Culture Tourism Complex will emerge as a tea culture health maintenance and vacation complex integrating Tea Culture Square, world-class Tea Ceremony Museum, world-class tea art performance, tea fight contests, world-class auction and collection, world-class tea culture display and sale window, and top-grade tea culture themed leisure hotel. It is a tea culture nametag of Mount Wuyi presented to the world.

Function Layout:

(1)Tea God Square: The world’s first Tea Culture Square is built taking tea culture as the connotation, integrating Taoism, Medicine Buddha and south Fujian culture, introducing world-class master planning and design, and applying advanced light and shadow technology.

(2)World-class Tea Culture Experience Center:At the core of traditional tea culture, combining Buddhist and Taoist cultural essence, and utilizing modern 3D technology in combination with traditional plain styles, tea culture origins, development and evolution, tea planting and tea-making craftsmanship in various dynasties are displayed dynamically and statically. Applying modern stage play art and with combination of traditional tea ceremony and etiquette, series of wonderful tea art impression stage performances at an international standard are offered. Efforts are made to establish a one-stop world-class tea culture experience center with multiple functions such as visiting, experiencing, art performance, cultural transmission, leisure and catering.

Cultural Transmission,Leisure and Catering

World-class Tea Culture Exhibition

World-class Tea Ceremony Interactive Performance

(3)World Class Tea Cultural Products Exhibition Center:World-class Tea Culture Products Exhibition and Sale Center: Develop a world-class tea (fragrance) cultural exchange center by planning and organizing Tea (Fragrance) Culture Summit Symposium Forum; provide global tea (fragrance) enterprises with a sale and display platform, and establish a world-class tea (fragrance) sales center and high-end auction center; organize various Maker products exhibition and sale on the theme of tea culture, encourage long-term settlement of first-rate artists from home and abroad, and develop high-profile world-class Maker exhibition and sale platforms.

World-class Tea Exhibition

World-class Tea Culture Maker Products Exhibition and Sale

(4)Tea Culture Themed Fitness Hotel:Tea Culture Themed Fitness Hotel contains 180 guest rooms and 15 suites of top-grade villas. It mainly provides culture-oriented superior leisure and vacation residence for medium and high-end groups with cultural connotation. Meanwhile, well-known tea enterprises are introduced to develop tea enterprise famous products display windows targeting world-class high-end people.

Tea Culture Themed Fitness Hotel

World-class Tea Enterprise Clubhouse